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I’ve recently started a meditation practice.

It’s hard!

Sometimes the time flies, other times it draaaaags on.

I use the Simply Being app on my iPhone for guidance.

After reading this article from the New York Times, I realized I need to take a time out each day for myself.

Technology and social media are amazing inventions. But, what are their costs?

How many times do you wake up in the morning and immediately check your email or Facebook…or, for guys, ESPN.com?!

What a racket! All that junk separates you from yourself, it takes your mind immediately from the peaceful sleep you’ve had to the external world, where the ego is king.

I’ve started a simple morning routine that I think will help me stay grounded and bolster my creativity and clarity throughout the day.

Upon waking, I do some basic grooming, wipe the sleep from my eyes, do a few gentle yoga stretches, meditate (just for 5 minutes at this point) and journal. The whole process takes maybe 20-30 minutes. And, I feel so accomplished!

Do you practice meditation?
What’s your morning routine?
Ever taken a technology vacation?