Restorative Yoga


Practicing asanas can be challenging, and also rewarding.

Our accomplishments and the way we feel after an invigorating practice keep us coming back for more.

Many times, I’ve found myself getting into savasana after a home practice and only staying a brief time. (Class makes it easier to get in a good chunk of time in this restorative pose.)

It can be tempting to skimp on savasana.

That is why I am proposing a restorative practice.

Devote a practice entirely to savasana and similar relaxing poses.

Try it. And, let me know how you feel.

Supported Child’s Pose

Gather some blankets and/or pillows. Kneel and place blankets and pillows (or even a bolster if you have one) between your knees. Gently let your chest rest on top. Relax one side of the face onto the props. Let the hips relax. They do not need to touch the heels. Let the ams relax at your sides. Breathe.

You can also place a rolled blanket under the ankles or under the hips for more support.

Stay here 5 minutes. Switching the turn of your head so each has equal time.

What are you favorite ways to unwind?

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  1. i always have a hard time staying in savasana for long. no matter how much i tell myself that i need to relax, after one or two minutes i’m restless and ready to move on to the next thing. i hope i can let go of that this weekend!

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